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MasterSoft Media Announces Projects for 2014
(January 2, 2014) MasterSoft Media LLC announced a list of four upcoming books for the 2014 calendar year -
  • Blue Ridge Boys, by Patrick Napier. Memoir. (published 8/15/14)
  • White House Storm, by Dale Napier. Political Thriller. Book One in the Queen Joan Trilogy (published 9/12/14)
  • Queen Joan, by Dale Napier. Book Two in the Queen Joan trilogy.
Writers may submit their works for sale in our store to .

MasterSoft Media Announces Tai Chi Project

September 12, 2014 - Las Vegas
Mastersoft Media is proud to announce the publication of a new political thriller, White House Storm. White House Storm is the story of a disaffected general's attempt at an Internet-based military coup when he secretly discovers that the President has Alzheimer's.

Author Dale Napier depicts a White House and Pentagon full of manipulators and schemers eager to take advantage of the president's condition. Vice President Joan Queenan is forced to use outside resources to uncover and overcome the plot, if she can. Aiding her are a cyber colonel, a gay Mafia capo, a decadent U.S. Senator from Las Vegas, and a Chinese triad in New Orleans - with the final battle fought in and from Nevada's Area 53, the Cyber Command bunker where technicians rule.

White House Storm is now on Amazon. It will be available on the Kindle within two weeks. An excerpt will be available shortly.

August 15, 2015 - Las Vegas
Mastersoft Media is proud to announce the publication of a new World War II memoir, Blue Ridge Boys. Blue Ridge Boys is the story of boys living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Today a college prep school, Blue Ridge School back then was a boarding school with portions of a working farm in place for the children

Author Patrick Napier describes a story of he and his older brother Jack, how each in his own way worked to make sense of the feeling that their parents had abandoned them. In time they would come to regard the school as their real home, so when the time came to return "home" for good, it was a difficult adjustment.

Such things often take place in a context of which the children are not fully aware, which was certainly the case here. They knew that their father flew in bombing missions in the Pacific theater, but they only discovered later that their parents had separated and divorced. None of that mattered to them: they were boys living on a beautiful mountain in rural Virginia, schooled and cared for but often free to roam, and roam they did.

The boys smoked (Pat from the age of 7), made their own wine, made their own swimming holes, gigged frogs and ate the legs fried, got chased by mad bulls, helped the local farmers with farm work, and eventually discovered that the local girls enjoyed skinnydipping as much as they did. No wonder they didn't want to go home!

Blue Ridge Boys is now on Amazon. It will be available on the Kindle within two weeks. An excerpt will be available shortly.

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